Solutions Accomplished Limited maintains a close connection to Robert Rasmussen, one of the founders of the Lego® Serious Play® technique. Through this we can continually evolve the workshops offered using the latest tools and thinking.

The origins of Lego® Serious Play®

Lego® Serious Play® evolved from an initial concept first considered in 1994. As an international company Lego® was struggling with a changing market, so their CEO at that time, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen wanted to explore what could be done.

Traditional methods of strategizing and team development were unimaginative and stale. Simultaneously, business professors Bart Victor and Johan Roos at the IMD Business School were studying strategy creation methods.

Both parties understood two non-negotiable points:

People were the key to an organisation’s success


Strategy had to be a living 3-dimensional concept, not a flat written document

The development of Lego® Serious Play®

It took a few more years and the dedication of Robert Rasmussen, Lego®’s then Director of Research and Development to evolve the methodology which is now known as Lego® Serious Play®.

Today Lego® Serious Play® is devolved from the Lego® parent company as a stand-alone entity. Lego® continue to provide the brick and materials for each of the courses and workshops and, as a facilitator Solutions Accomplished is bound by a specific code of conduct. This does not detract from the amazing tool that Lego® Serious Play® is.

Traditional team meeting

Lego® Serious Play®

How it works

Using your hands to build activates additional areas of the brain that are not usually involved with speaking or listening. This depth of involvement creates a more focused response and outcome. Participants are invested in the activity and want to see it succeed.

This is kinaesthetic learning at its best – not only a great experience for the participant but also a more valuable outcome for the business.